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Our Story

After spending several years in companies both large and small, we found ourselves working together at a recruiting agency. We discovered that aside from just similar career experience, we were extremely similar in our work styles, work ethics and even our personal beliefs. We quickly forged a friendship deeper than just co-workers. 


Having spent so much time in corporate recruiting, we both believed that the human connection was missing. Connection is something we both thrive on and believe can truly make a difference when operating a business. Whether you’re connecting with your employees or your customers, a strong connection is the key that transforms the whole relationship. 


Nicole and I always dreamed about things we’d do differently if ever given the chance, and in early 2023, we were given that chance. Both of us were part of a reduction in force at our employer and found ourselves at a crossroads. Should we look for new jobs or start our own small business? We decided to join the millions of small business owners across the United States and forge our own path. 


This was our opportunity to take all those dreams and put them into action. Our first and most important goal is to provide support and services to businesses who may not otherwise be able to get it, or may not even realize they need it.

We can’t wait to work with you!

Jenn & Nicole

What makes us different?

For us it's all about building relationships and trust. Whether you are a business owner or a job seeker, this is personal. We're talking about your dreams and your livelihood. Your decision to work with us is not something you take lightly and neither do we. We believe in open communication and transparency. We don't make empty promises and we are honest about our areas of expertise.

We provide a free 15 minute consultation so we can learn what you need the most support with. We then suggest the best course of action from our service offering. 

 We are confident in our abilities to help you find success and along the way we provide a high level of customer service, guidance and support. 

It is our hope that you walk away feeling like you've made a new friend!

Why the name "North Star"?

We wanted a name that both stood out and meant something to us. To follow your north star is to follow your path to higher fulfillment, or your destiny.

This business is a fulfillment of our personal destinies and we can’t wait to help you find yours!

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