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How to Stay Motivated on the Hunt for a new Job...

Updated: Jul 11

Whether you’re currently employed or not, a lengthy job search can take its toll. You may have applied for many jobs and even gone on a few interviews. The process is long and can certainly get overwhelming and even frustrating. It’s completely understandable that you may start to lose motivation, or even worse, hope. We're here for you! Below are 10 tips to stay motivated while job hunting!

  • Have a supportive network - Surround yourself with people who lift you up and remind you how talented you are

  • Reflect on your career accomplishments so far - It will remind you just how much you've done and what you still CAN do

  • Visualize yourself in your dream job - You can even go as far as to print pictures or words/phrases to hang at your desk

  • Do something for yourself at least once per day - take a walk, read a book, watch your favorite show - something unrelated to the job search!

  • Set realistic goals - Set both short and long term goals then decide a realistic number of tasks you can check off per day

  • Hit pause on your search - If necessary take a few days (or even a week) off from applying then start fresh with renewed motivation

  • Follow inspiring leaders in your field - Find them on Linked In, Instagram and even TikTok! TedTalks are also a great resource

  • Re-evaluate your skillset - Are you pigeonholing yourself into one specific field? Are there other job titles or industries you could be looking at?

  • Check your inner voice - only speak to yourself the way you’d speak to others. Be kind and give yourself grace

  • Speak to a recruiter - We do so much more than find people jobs, lean on us for support and insider knowledge!

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