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Resume Do's and Don'ts...

Updated: Jul 11

Whether you're currently searching for a new job or not, it's always a good idea to keep your resume up to date. It's much easier to update your resume regularly than wait until you need it. Here are some of our best do's and don'ts to help your resume stand out!


  • Check (and double check!) for grammar and spelling errors

  • Update for each role you apply for - use the job description to guide you

  • Start each bullet point with a strong verb and quantify accomplishments as often as possible

  • List all degrees, certifications and other credentials

  • Use a modern resume design


  • Include an objective - instead consider a career summary

  • Include additional personal information (street address, gender, race, religion, etc)

  • Go back more than 10-15 years in job history

  • Use industry specific jargon - speak in a way that everyone will understand

  • Write in a passive voice or use 3rd person

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